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The Concept of Scale

Definition of a Scale A Scale is known as series of notes that can be played successively in both ascending or descend order. It forms the basis of melody.  Diatonic scale for instance, usually spans an octave. There is no […]

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Neapolitan 6th Chord

What is Neapolitan 6th chord? Neapolitan 6th chord (often abbreviated as N6) is a major chord built on the lowered second degree (supertonic) of a major or minor diatonic scale. It is the same whether in major or minor key. […]

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Augmented Sixth Chords

Augmented sixth chords are (chords that) usually built on the flattened sixth degree of the scale. They function as pre-dominant chords (chords that lead to the dominant). They resolve to the dominant. Types of Augmented Sixth Chord There are three […]

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The Pianoforte: History and Development

            Pianoforte was invented by Bartolommeo Christofori in 1709. “The basic mechanism of the piano was invented about 1709 in Florence, Italy, by a harpsichord builder, Bartolomeo Christofori.” Before the advent of the pianoforte, clavichord and harpsichord were the […]

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The Pianoforte: Anatomy and Physiology

Every acoustic piano, whether a glossy concert grand or a well-worm upright, share certain characteristics. This is what I term “The Anatomy and Physiology of the piano forte”. The former term (anatomy) has to with how the various parts or […]

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