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Types Of Cadence

First of all, what is cadence? Cadence is simply known as point of rest.  It is a musical punctuation. A melody without cadence(s) is meaningless. Cadence is a two-chord affair. A harmonic cadence usually consists of just two chords. It’s […]

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Daily Inspirationals just as daily Meals

POSITIVITY IN LIFE: Positivity begins with realization of the fact that EVERYTHING that happens is for good. What you sometimes label “disaster’ is “blessing, breakthrough or opportunity” for some people. Say no to negativity. Stop apportioning blames on people. If […]

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Rhetorical Questions

These are rhetorical questions. The questions are more important than the answers. Answering them might not that easy. The answers are living in all men. How many times must I stumble and fall before you give me your hand? How […]

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Insecurity In Relationship

How Insecure Can Someone Be? How insecure can you be? How insecure can your friend be? What is insecurity? Insecurity is when a boyfriend blocks all the male friends from his girlfriend’s friend lists on social media. What is insecurity? […]

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The scheme of God for Humanity.

First of all, let’s establish that the Old Testament is the New Testament concealed. And the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed. That is, the New Testament is concealed in the Old Testament. And, the Old Testament is revealed […]

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The Inversions of Intervals

What is interval? Interval is the relationship between two notes. It is the distance between two notes. It can also be defined as a situation whereby two notes are sounded or written together. In short, interval has to do with […]

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